Connoisseur trades up in Wichita


"Bob-FM" (KIBB) is getting a brother in Wichita. Connoisseur Media announced a deal to swap KTCM-FM Kingman, KS, located one county southwest of Wichita, and an unspecified amount of cash, for KGGG-FM. The latter is currently located in Hutchinson, KS, one county northwest off Wichita, but has a CP to relocate to Haven, KS, which will put it firmly in the Wichita market. The other party in this deal is Ad Astra Per Aspera Broadcasting, headed by Cliff Shank. "It is a classic win-win opportunity for Connoisseur Media and Ad Astra Per Aspera Broadcasting. Connoisseur Media has a great track record in the rated markets, and our expertise is in small town, small market radio," said Shank.