Couric admits to some regrets


In a revealing interview with New York Magazine writer Joe Hagan, Katie Couric admits that things haven't gone as she had hoped as anchor of the "CBS Evening News." In her view, "the biggest mistake we made is we tried new things." But many of those new things, such as a less formal approach to the evening news, didn't click with audiences, so now she is using a format that is pretty much like the format used by CBS and all of the other networks for decades and decades.

In the New York Magazine story, which is posted online as well, Couric admitted that the job offer from Les Moonves to lure her away from "Today" on NBC would have been less appealing if the job he had been offering was the one she has today, rather than the one that was supposed to transform the way network newscasts are done. Despite being mired in third place, Couric insists she's not down in the dumps, at least not often, and Executive Producer Rick Kaplan told Hagan that the 2008 election is going to be an opportunity for Couric to build her news reputation. But, she admits in the story that it all may not work out and she'll "do something else that's really exciting and fulfilling for me."