Cox Media Group’s Digital Dollar Solution: An Amazon Pact


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

As many radio industry executives struggle with ways to combat local digital’s nonstop suction of dollars from AM and FM radio stations, Cox Media Group has opted to link up with Amazon Advertising as part of a Local Solutions plan to bring advertisers a 360-degree consumer touchpoint option.

Thanks to a strategic initiative announced Wednesday (7/21), Cox Media Group Local Solutions advertisers will be able to reach local audiences with Amazon Advertising digital offerings.

Simply stated, CMG Local Solutions advertisers can now programmatically buy display and OTT ads through the Amazon DSP and analyze their campaign performance with “full-funnel measurement” products offered by Amazon Advertising.

The goal: expanding local advertisers’ reach and increasing sales.

“This is an exciting new opportunity for CMG Local Solutions and our advertising partners,” said Joe Weir, a SVP of Digital at CMG. “Amazon Advertising’s digital offerings, combined with CMG Local Solutions’ unmatched product expertise, high performing products and platforms and CMG’s long-standing heritage, enables us to help local businesses achieve their marketing goals more effectively.”

— RBR+TVBR Wire Services