Credit where credit is due?


Chris Pacheco, Principal Partner, Fat Dawgs Broadcasting/Fresno, took issue with some of the facts and figures from Peak Broadcasting/Fresno in our KMJ stories (3/27/09 RBR #60), (3/27/09 RBR #60):

“Let me preface this e-mail by saying I think Peak is making a bold move by turning their Jack FM station to an FM talk to compliment their monster AM station.  I’m not sure it will last, if they start cutting into the big boy’s numbers, but it will be a worthy experiment.

My comments, however, are about two things:

(a)     The management persons interviewed from Peak in regards to KMJ-AM claim that “Peak has now built that up to #1 in the market”. Well, KMJ has been on the air in Fresno since 1920, I’ve lived here since 1984.  KMJ has been number one in probably 99.9% of the books in the era that I’ve lived in this area and have never been lower than second, as far as I know.  This crosses CBS, Infinity and even McClatchy newspaper ownership.  To take credit for making the station #1 and the #1 biller (which KMJ also has been forever) is a MAJOR stretch…  That would be like me taking credit for making ESPN such a well-known product in the Valley…

(b)    They claim to have “Fresno’s only live and local afternoon drive sports show” which would be absolutely true if it weren’t for the fact that we have had a live, local afternoon sports show every weekday since 1999.  And inherited a legacy that goes years before that.

I am ALL for competition and anybody willing to improve and grow radio listenership in our area.  As you know, all radio innovation is good for all operators, but it cheapens the impact I think when a company feels they have to pad the resume a bit like it appears Peak did with your interviewers.

Thanks for your time.”