Credit Where Credit is Due


constructionAn FM CP earmarked for Oregon is going to a new owner. The buyer and seller were able to also transfer the bidding credit used by the seller to get the CP in the first place.

The station will be built in Gearhart OR.

The seller is Resonance Media Group, headed by President Matthew Butler.

The buyer is Radio Beam LLC, headed by Managing Member Earnest R. Hopseker.

The price is $35,000 cash.

RMG enjoyed a 35% bidding credit when it acquired the CP in Auction No. 94; Radio Beam holds no FCC licenses and therefore would have also qualified for the credit, so there are no unjust enrichment issues associated with this deal.

The CP is for a Class A on 93.3 MHz with 1.9 kW @ 581’. The station will be located in the northwest portion of the state on the Pacific coast.