Deduplicated Connected TV Measurement Comes for YouTube


Comscore will soon begin incorporating YouTube and YouTube TV measurement into its Comscore Campaign Ratings service — a move that builds on Comscore’s partnership with Google to help build the next generation of YouTube measurement without third-party pixels.

The arrangement, Comscore notes, will also help it offer marketers a deeper understanding of how audiences are consuming content on YouTube and YouTube TV across desktop, mobile, and, with this integration, connected TV (known outside of Canada as “CTV”).

Comscore Campaign Ratings provides advertisers and agencies with a deduplicated view of reach and frequency across linear TV, OTT/CTV, PC and Mobile inventory. This includes measurement for co-viewers on OTT/CTV. The new capability announced today, Comscore believes, “will pave the way for advertisers and agencies to understand combined co-viewing for YouTube and YouTube TV across OTT/CTV as well as incremental reach to their linear TV buys, providing total cross-platform ad measurement.”

Comscore adds that the addition of YouTube and YouTube TV will enable one of the largest advertising sources for modern cross-platform measurement. As previously published by Comscore, more than 80% of CTV reach in the U.S. falls on only five streaming services — and only two are ad-supported.

“People are watching more YouTube than ever — on mobile, on laptops, and especially on our fastest growing screen, the TV, and we want to ensure advertisers can measure their reach across all devices with third-party partners like Comscore,” says Debbie Weinstein, Vice President of Global Solutions at YouTube. “We also know people are choosing to watch their favorite YouTube content on connected TVs with others, and the inclusion of co-viewing in this new integration will allow advertisers to understand the full scale of the audience they’re able to reach through YouTube CTV campaigns.”

Comscore CEO Bill Livek added, “This is a critical milestone for Comscore and for the industry. Our clients are placing a large portion of their advertising spend with YouTube, and they need a holistic view of how that spend is performing relative to the entire media mix. We’re confident that clients using Comscore Campaign Ratings will have the most complete picture of advertising performance in the market.”