Cumulus reels back two FMs in Kansas City


$16.75M KMJK-FM/KCHZ-FM Kansas City MO (North Kansas City MO, Ottawa KS) from AR Broadcasting LLC (W. Lawrence Patrick) to Cumulus Broadcasting LLC (Lewis W. Dickey). Cash. Cumulus has been programming and managing stations after transferring licenses as part of the requirements of its merger with Citadel. Superduopoly with KCFX-AM, KCJK-FM, KCMO AM-FM. [FCC file date 9/29/12]

N/A KERC-LP Kermit TX from Kermit Radio Academy (Matthew L. Towne) to Holy Spirit Oil Filled Ministry (Jackie Redmon et al). No consideration. LPFM. [FCC file date 10/1/12]