A New Western Region Sales Manager Arrives At Dielectric


Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned broadcast antenna and RF system subsidiary Dielectric has selected the individual who will succeed Steven Moreen.

He’s retiring, and will soon conclude a 52-year career in the broadcast industry.

Taking the job of Western Region Sales Manager is Dan Glavin.

He now has responsibility for all U.S. TV and FM sales and customer service west of the Mississippi River and reports to Jay Martin, Dielectric’s Vice President of Sales.

Glavin joined Dielectric in 2018 as an Electrical Engineer, with an emphasis on system
design, data analysis and antenna testing. He has since led technical development
initiatives and field installations for RFHAWKEYE, the broadcast industry’s first IP-based
RF monitoring system.

“The ability to identify product requirements and respond in a technical capacity is key to
this position, and Dan’s level of problem-solving expertise is rare among field sales,”
Martin said. “Dan is an extrovert and extremely technical, and will be a strong mediator who can communicate complex technical requirements between our customers and internal
Dielectric engineers. His fluency in Spanish will benefit the Hispanic communities we serve,
and his experience across site logistics, off-air challenges and other common over-the-air
issues will benefit all customers.”

Glavin added, “The expansion and integration of ATSC 3.0 broadcast systems, single-frequency networks, and investment in public television and radio all represent exciting opportunities for business development throughout the western U.S. region. Steve has set the bar high, but I look forward to building on his example in working closely with customers to help them solve problems, and explore the next-generation of over-the-air opportunities. Every opportunity comes down to helping broadcasters achieve their goals through cost-effective and efficient implementation, while delivering robust designs and products that offer long-term value.”