Data Plus Math, With A New Aspect


Television attribution, ROI and conversion metrics specialist Data Plus Math has entered into a preferred partner agreement with Verance Aspect, an open watermark technology selected as part of the ATSC 3.0 Next Gen TV Standard, to bring analytics and attribution measurement to broadcasters.

The agreement will combine data from Verance Aspect with analytics and attribution solutions from Data Plus Math, and provides “more precise” audience data and analytics to local broadcasters.

“The combination of the Data Plus Math analytics tools with Aspect data will introduce a Next Gen TV compliant multi-touch, multi-TV approach to attribution and help local programmers better analyze and monetize their inventory,” Data Plus Math notes.

Added its co-founder and CEO, John Hoctor, “This partnership is a crucial piece toward fulfilling the promise of Next Gen TV. We will be connecting the tools to enable better local programming analytics and attribution. The embedded Verance Aspect watermark will give programmers more accurate attribution measurement from Data Plus Math.”

Speaking for Verace is CEO Nil Shah. Notes Shah, “Aspect accelerates the delivery of leading Next Gen TV features – audience measurement, personalization and advanced advertising – across all ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 devices and distribution paths, including OTA, OTT and MVPD transmissions. This partnership further enhances the ability of local programmers to track, assess and monetize their audiences as the Next Gen TV protocol emerges. It is a winning proposition for broadcasters, requiring no extra resources from those already deploying these technologies, and offering additional insights to support ad sales efforts.”

Next Gen TV, a new broadcast standard (also known as ATSC 3.0), promises to bring increased capabilities to local TV station owners. It will feature Internet Protocol transport that merges broadcast and broadband, resulting in better picture quality via UHDTV (Ultra High-Definition TV) and high-dynamic-range signals and enhanced audio.

The standard will also enable dynamic ad insertion in live feeds and video-on-demand features. Two-way connectivity will provide viewers with supply-enhanced data capabilities, allowing advertisers to better target consumers down to the individual-device level.

Data Plus Math’s MediaFX platform is used by 11 media companies, including national programming networks and cable operators.