Davidson Media Group launches “Rebajaso”


Davidson Media Group, specializing in mid-market Hispanic radio stations, has launched “Rebajaso,” a new digital platform and the only daily deals program for the Hispanic Market.

Rebajaso (Keep Your Half) enables radio stations to make money from their unused advertising inventory while providing tremendous value to new and existing advertising clients as well as their listeners. The program helps radio stations and advertisers increase their market share of the fastest growing demo and consumer base in America.

By combining a proprietary software platform and an easy-to-use system for radio station operators, Rebajaso provides a new way for stations to make money, for advertisers to gain more customers, and for listeners to get great deals on everything from their favorite restaurants and spas to electronics and groceries. Rebajaso handles everything from providing training for station sales staff, custom website interface, creation of coupons, payment processing, and even promotion of deals through email and Facebook.

The Rebajaso platform is available to radio station listeners via both computers and smartphones with simple browsing and purchasing features. An English-language version of Rebajaso, called Keep Your Half, is also available for the General Market.

In addition to being the only daily deals program tailored for the Hispanic market, Rebajaso provides a focused and localized business model that enables radio stations and their advertisers to really stand out in the crowd.