DAX Bolsters U.S. Presence With Programmatic Sales Head


The digital audio advertising platform created by Global has hit the launch button on a new U.S. programmatic division. The effort is designed to make 90% of DAX inventory available programmatically. As such, it has hired a Programmatic Sales Director.

Taking the newly created role is Tom Larkin. He will work closely with Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to assist clients with migration to programmatic audio advertising.

His role also includes setting up private marketplaces (PMPs) and working with media buyers to educate them and help them understand the most efficient and best practices to target, reach and automate their buys.

Larkin is based in New York.

The new division is designed to leverage DAX’s experience in the British programmatic marketplace. Through DAX, programmatic partnerships give advertisers the capability to target audiences based on a variety of factors such as age, gender, location, preferred listening genre and device type.

“DAX’s programmatic team and offering continues to grow here in the U.S.,” McCarthy said. “Hiring Tom will allow us to move forward with our ambition to make almost all our inventory available programmatically to advertisers. Given his background in the programmatic space and his experience of working with DSPs and the agency trading desks, he is the perfect choice to help us achieve our goals and deliver for our partners.”

Larkin was previously VP/Programmatic at Beachfront Media, where he led programmatic demand and supply integrations for Beachfront.IO. His previous experience includes roles at engage:BDR and Matomy Media Group.