DDS automates media buying for HD, streaming radio


Agencies using Donovan Data Systems’ (DDS) spot media-buying system can now evaluate and purchase airtime on HD Radio and streaming radio stations. DDS, with the support of the RAB, radio rep firms Katz Media Group and MFS, and media sales software provider STRATA, has implemented a call letter format for identifying HD multicast and streaming radio stations.

“The HD and streaming radio integration initiative with DDS is an important advance that supports Broadcast Radio’s emerging growth sectors. Our work with DDS has resulted in an intuitive and seamless media-buying system which we believe will reap benefits for advertisers and broadcasters alike,” said Jeff Haley, President and CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau.

Using unique station call letter designations for each HD and streaming channel, agencies can now see the Arbitron ratings for each station. This critical step allows these stations to be processed throughout the entire stewardship workflow – proposals, orders and invoices – just like AM and FM radio stations.

“With the cooperation of our industry partners, HD and streaming stations can operate within the same seamless business processes as the rest of the radio business. This is another example of enabling the efficiencies of eBusiness as more and more new media outlets are created,” says Harvey Kent, chief media strategist, DDS.

RBR-TVBR observation: Plenty of media buyers use DDS. Seeing HD Radio stations and streaming stations right up there on the same screen with other commonly-bought stations not only makes the whole process easier, it will start to trigger buys that were previously not made. This is certainly a piece of the puzzle to monetize station streams and HD multicast channels.