Deal Creates Cross-Border Duopoly


SoldThe acquisition of an FM station in the southern portion of Iowa is going to extend the reach of a radio company and will create an area of congruence with its northern Missouri FM.

The station is KOJY-FM Bloomfield IA.

The seller is Horizon Broadcasting Inc., headed by President Doug Smiley.

The buyer is Tri-Rivers Broadcasting Company, headed by Mark McVey and Karen McVey.

The price is $190,000 cash.

KOJY-FM is a Class C3 on 106.9 MHz with 14 kW @ 367’.

Any M*A*S*H fans out there? Among the communities served by this KOJY-FM is Ottumwa IA, so if Radar O’Reilly was real, he’d be able to tune into this one.

KOJY has overlap with KMEM-FM Memphis MO.