Deal reveals the anatomy of a noncom FM buildout


SoldNormally there is only a minimum amount of national interest in the sale of a noncommercial FM CP in an out-of-the-way location such as Kenai AK. But there is at least a bit of interest in the filing for such a station in this instance.

The station is going from New Life Tabernacle Homer AK to recently active station buyer Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls Inc. Headed by Michael and Nora Kestler, CCTW has been filing to acquire stations and asking for waivers to operate them from their Idaho headquarters (not an unusual request for a noncommercial network).

The price for the CP will be $16.5K cash.

What is interesting about the application is that the parties went to unusual lengths to make sure the FCC has no concerns about unjust enrichment on the part of the seller. New Life provided an expense sheet detailing all of its costs in pursuit of building the station thus far. Far from being enriched, it will suffer a small loss on the deal.

Here’s the tab:
$1,650: travel expenses
$242: lodging
$3,258: Consulting and filing fees
$4,950: antenna
$627: shipping the antenna
$8,765: transmitter
$411: shipping the transmitter
$19,903: total expenditures

So in the final analysis, the seller will be down $3,403.

The CP is for a Class A on 88.1 MHz with 1.1 kW @ 285’.