Deal revives stations in Ridgecrest CA


SoldAdelman Broadcasting has helped to restore an AM-FM combo in Ridgecrest CA to the air with the intention of adding it to its existing three stations in that area. It’s located in unrated territory to the north of California City and Barstow.

The stations are KWDJ-AM and KZIQ-FM, both licensed to Ridgecrest.

The seller is James and Donna Knudson. Robert D. Adelman is the principal of the buyer.

The price is $220K, with $14K due in cash and the rest payable by a promissory note that will be reduced by the amount paid under an LMA the parties have put in place pending closure of the deal.
The seven-year note works out to a payment of $2,452.38 monthly, which is also the rental fee under the LMA.

The stations had been off air since 11/25/11, so the deal was contingent upon their return to the airwaves by 11/24/12 to avoid FCC deletion of them. The LMA allowed Adelman to help return them to service, provide programming and sell advertising. James Knudson remains on board as GM as long as the LMA is in place; meanwhile, Adelman is free to upgrade the facilities as it operates the stations prior to closing.

KWDJ-AM is a Class D on 1360 kHz with 1 kW-D, 31 W-N, ND

KZIQ-FM is a Class A on 92.7 MHz with 3 kW @ -130’

Adelmans other stations in the market are:

KLOA-AM Ridgecrest CA, a Class C on 1240 kHz with 820 W-U, ND

KEPD-FM Ridgecrest CA, a Class B1 on 104.9 MHz with 1.5 kW @ 1,289’

KRAJ-FM Johannesburg CA, a Class B1 on 100.9 MHz with 1.5 kW @ 1,309’