Debating performance fees


I have to disagree with Gordon Hastings of the Broadcasters Foundation of America. Although it may sound like a great idea, it’s a sell out for what we the broadcasters offer Artists and that is FREE exposure.  Without free over the air RADIO, the artists have nothing.  I have met dozens of famous artists and many more that wish they were, all have one thing in common they thank radio for what we did to promote their music, make them famous and make them money.

If we have to pay artists to make them famous, then we need to charge them, just like we charge business clients who use radio to make money selling their products. Additionally since we already pay the composers, all we need to do is find a source of obtaining royalty free singers, namely cover artists to sing the songs. We don’t need Toby Keith, when Bobby Keith can sing the same hit, just as good. Then when Bobby takes away Toby’s ability to sell CDs and fill concert halls, Toby will know how good he had it when radio actually played his performances.

Radio needs to continue to fight this, but should lawmakers not see what we bring to the table, then we need to change our platform as well.  We don’t have to bow down to every extortion that comes our way.  Radio WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER!

Al Sergi – President

Summit Media

Sutton, WV