Dial Global's Clark Howard signs with HLN


Dial Global’s Clark Howard has signed a two-year contract with CNN’s HLN, where his 30-minute Clark Howard show airs multiple times on weekends and 75-second bits of Clark advice air 16 times a day on weekdays. The relationship also expands to include a number of one-hour specials throughout the term.

Clark’s national presence is great for his radio show, not to mention HLN and their advertisers.  “They’re thrilled,” says Howard. “I’m a money machine for them. Best I can tell people buy ads for the program. There’s real high interest.”

“We have a slogan, ‘Passion, personality and point of view,’ says Bill Galvin, senior vice president of HLN. “Clark is three for three on those fronts. He’s definitely passionate about what he does. He’s got a personality that is uniquely his own. And he certainly has a point of view. His level of expertise is unmatched and his desire to help people he just puts out there unabashedly. He fits the style of our network as we build our brand as the news and views network.”