This Global Broadcast Tech Firm Is Set For BES ’17


For more than 30 years from its headquarters just outside Grenoble, France, Digigram has provided audio content technology such as sound cards, IP audio codecs, and audio processing software solutions, used in broadcast, AV, and industrial applications across the world.

From Feb. 2-4, 2017, in New Delhi, India, Digigram will show off its latest products at BES EXPO 2017.

Hosted by the Broadcast Engineering Society (India), the show also features a three-day conference on the theme “Hybrid Technologies in Broadcasting – New Opportunities.”

BES EXPO 2017 is the 23rd to be held, and includes exhibiting companies from Canada and the U.S.

Digigram will feature its audio-over-IP (AoIP) distribution range, focusing on the IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE stereo AoIP distribution codecs, as well as the high-density IQOYA *SERV/LINK multiple-stereo or multichannel AoIP codec for professional IP audio distribution. These codecs received the Critical Embedded Solution Trophy in 2014.

Digigram will also unveil its new ultra-low-power IQOYA *X/LINK. This new platform integrates multiple IP audio codecs and transcoding servers to facilitate low-latency distribution for studio-to-studio links (SSL), studio-to-transmitter links (STL), DVB radio, and web radio programs from low-latency, AES67-synchronous AoIP sources.

Digigram will also highlight its IQOYA *CALL and IQOYA *CALL/LE codecs, which allow users to build reliable low-latency IP audio contribution links while keeping costs under control. These codecs are used by Digigram’s Mobile Studio and Ultra Mobility solutions, which bring professional quality to full-duplex connections between a remote site and a studio.

IQOYA *CALL provides full-duplex IP audio sessions over the internet and wireless connections.