DirecTV To Drop OANN as Koppel Speaks On News Bias


The conservative-leaning One America News Network (OANN) is losing a major distributor — one of the nation’s two DBS providers.

DirecTV has notified OANN that it will not renew its contract with OANN parent Herring Networks Inc.

The agreement expires in April.

How devastating is the decision for OANN? DirecTV is its largest distributor, although it can be found on such MVPDs at Hotwire Communications.

OAN has been the subject of scorn among some Democrats and lawmakers who claim the network has played a part in spreading false information about the 2020 U.S. Presidential election and about COVID-19.

DirecTV’s decision comes as respected veteran journalist Ted Koppel slammed what he perceives to be the news media’s bias against former President Trump. In particular, he singled out CNN for what he believes to be its unfair reporting. “It bothers me when I see them losing some of the criteria that always used to keep a wall between opinion and news coverage,” he said.

DirecTV is owned by AT&T Inc. and TPG via a joint venture.

— Rob Dumke, with editing by Adam R Jacobson


  1. Why do they want to get rid of truthful reporting when no one else is doing it? Seems to me they are afraid they might be targeted. It’s on of the stations that make you think! Please leave it alone & on the air!

  2. Control the media information in order to help control the people and introduce a stronger indoctrination plan. Many of the large corporations are being controlled thru the threatening by socialists, communists, marxists.

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