DISH Secures An Important Long-Term Tower Deal


In recent months, its become clear that Dish Network Corp. seeks to be a significant player in the rollout of 5G wireless technology, building on its prowess as a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) TV service provider that’s found itself in just a few retransmission consent battles with free-to-air TV station owners.

To further its 5G business aspirations, Dish has just locked in a long-term deal with the tower company founded by the late Steve Dodge.

Dish’s deal is with American Tower Corp., and it sees the two companies agree to a master lease agreement through which Dish may lease space on up to 20,000 American Tower communications sites.

It’s the second big deal for Dish in the 5G space this quarter, as it locked up a new master lease agreement with Boca Raton, Fla.-based SBA Communications Corp. in February 2021.

Under the American Tower agreement, cash lease payments from Dish will commence in 2022 and grow over time as Dish’s network deployment progresses.

In addition, Dish may lease shared generators from American Tower on select sites and will have the ability to utilize American Tower’s zoning, permitting and other pre-construction services.

“With the American Tower agreement, DISH now has the complete, robust infrastructure portfolio we need to support our nationwide 5G network deployment,” said Dish EVP/Network Development Dave Mayo. “Our team has already developed colocation plans for American Tower sites across the country to bring a new generation of connectivity to Americans.”

American Tower shares continue to rebound following their pandemic-fueled low to $198.66 some 53 weeks ago. They are presently trading in the $216 range, last week in late February 2020.