DistroScale Goes Over The Top In North America


A company describing itself as “a comprehensive video-as-a-service provider” has just launched a streaming over-the-top (OTT) service “built to feed the insatiable curiosities, passions and pursuits of globally-minded viewers” in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

DistroScale’s newly launched DistroTV promises a broad range of entertainment, news, sports, film and TV programming in live, linear and video-on-demand formats.

DistroTV is free to consumers and now available via Apple iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

DistroTV is the first direct-to-consumer offering from DistroScale; a technology company founded in 2013 known for providing a global clientele of 3,500-plus media properties with the industry’s most comprehensive video platform; offering infrastructure, content delivery, curation, analytics and a full suite of monetization options.

Video enabled by DistroScale reaches over 250 million visitors per month.

To meet the demands of diverse, multi-cultural and globally-minded audiences in the U.S., Canada and UK whose viewing habits are increasingly migrating to streaming platforms, DistroTV is assembling a growing and diverse content roster, which includes Bonnier properties such as Saveur, Yachting, Popular Science and Destinations; BritAsia TV, feature films and pop culture news from India’s leading entertainment studio Rajshri, global trends arbiter FashionTV, documentary film producer Sideways Film, how-to content from Grace Creek Media’s Sportskool, mixed martial arts and combat sports programming from Fighting Spirit and more. The network is adding more feature films, scripted series, lifestyle, sports news and other premium video content from English language content producers in North American and UK, as well as from a range of cultures and languages from around the world.

DistroScale CEO and co-founder Navdeep Saini held leading product and engineering roles at DoubleClick and Yahoo! before starting DistroScale. He said, “We know that consumer tastes, viewing habits and cultural preferences are becoming more diverse and fragmented. They demand content from all around the globe at a rate faster than many media companies can deliver it. We want to serve the many large audience segments who are vastly underserved by traditional media offerings. We’re building an eclectic, curated menu of premium video programming from around the globe for those interested in gaming, niche sports, films from Hollywood to Bollywood; travel and culinary content and scripted series in a range of languages and more.”