Dobbs keeps his political sights low


Well, relatively low. According to reports, United Stations Radio Networks personality and former CNN personality Lou Dobbs is holding off on thoughts of a presidential run in 2012 and thinking about a possible challenge to Bob Menendez (D-NJ) for a New Jersey Senate seat during the same year.

Landing in the US Senate is the crowning achievement in the political careers of most who make it that high, but according to the New York Times, Dobbs may be thinking about it as in intermediary step toward a presidential run further down the road.

Of course, he may not enter politics at all, but is said to be listening to people who want to talk to him about it.

Whether running for the Senate or the White House, he’d have to decide if he wishes to remain politically independent or rejoin the Republican Party.

Republicans in New Jersey say they would have to know more about him before embracing him as their 2012 standard-bearer v. Menendez. However, Dobbs is said to have been impressed with recent Republican gains in the state which are coinciding with a drop in the popularity of President Barack Obama.

RBR-TVBR observation: The mixture of Dobbs’ well-known stance against illegal immigration and Menendez’s status as the lone Hispanic in the Senate could prove volatile, particularly in a state with a large immigrant population. But 2012 is a long ways off.