Don’t play around with Election Day


Charges of voter fraud and vote suppression have been zinging around from both parties during the last few elections. It has gotten to the point where major campaigns have quick-strike teams of attorneys ready to react to any signs of irregularity and to mount a defense against their own sides’ practices where necessary. That is why it was not a good idea for WEEI-AM Boston’s John Dennis and Gerry Callahan to suggest that voting had been postponed until Wednesday on the Tuesday edition of their program. There were other examples of email and print hoaxes going around the blogsphere throughout the day Tuesday, and reports of this particular incident quickly made their way to the Massachusetts Secretary of State.

RBR/TVBR observation: Employing trickery to get people to miss the chance to cast their ballot is against the law.  According to the Boston Globe, there are no plans at the moment to act against Entercom, WEEI or Dennis and Callahan. But there could be. This is another brilliant idea for a fun bit best left on the cutting room floor.