DoubleVerify Earns MRC OK for Connected TV Data


Digital media measurement, data and analytics software platform DoubleVerify has received Media Rating Council accreditation for display and video rendered ad impression measurement and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) filtration, including app fraud, in the Connected TV media environment.

“As marketers increasingly adopt Connected TV/OTT platforms for their ad investments, it becomes ever more critical for those investments to have the protection of MRC-accredited measurements,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the MRC. “DV’s accreditation for its SIVT-filtered rendered ad impression measurement of both video and display ad creatives in these environments is an important step toward that goal.”

DoubleVerify is one of a select few companies in the industry accredited for both video and display impression measurement and SIVT in Connected TV.

Connected TV now reaches over 80% of U.S. households. This number is expected to grow to 86% by 2024; cord-cutter and cord-never households are expected to increase to 44% of the population during this same period, according to Leichtman Research Group. Although Connected TV ad spend increased 27% from 2019 to 2020, eMarketer data shows, ad spend does not yet fully reflect consumer demand for Connected TV.

“As more audiences flock to Connected TV and OTT, advertiser demand for greater transparency in these channels continues to accelerate,” Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify, said. “Our mission is to give our clients the clarity they need to be confident in their media investments so they can take advantage of the opportunity CTV presents.”

DoubleVerify first received MRC accreditation in February 2013 for its tag-based measurement for its impression quality suite of services and desktop display viewability. In 2015, the MRC accredited DoubleVerify for desktop video ad viewability and invalid traffic for both desktop and mobile web, and in 2017, DoubleVerify received additional accreditation for the detection of invalid traffic within mobile apps.

More recently, the company became the first measurement provider to receive MRC accreditation for third-party integrated measurement on Facebook.

Note: RBR+TVBR does not use the term “CTV” for Connected TV, in order to eliminate confusion with Canadian broadcast TV network CTV.