Dr. Michio Kaku hosts new show on


Dr. Michio Kaku is the host of Science Fantastic, one of Talk Radio Network Entertainments’ leading weekend programs airing on over 130 affiliates nationwide.  Dr. Kaku also hosts Sci-Fi Science, the #1 ranked new series on The Science Channel.  Sci-Fi Science is a 12-part series based on Dr. Kaku’s New York Times Bestselling book, Physics of the Impossible.  Catch the second season of Sci-Fi Science beginning 9/1 on The Science Channel.

Dr. Kaku recently said, “I’m done filming for the second season of Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible on The Science Channel.  In my exciting new series, I’ve identified 12 more familiar science-fiction movie, TV and literature notions and technologies. I’ve been explaining how we can build some of these Sci-Fi ideas into science fact.”

The next two new episodes of Sci-Fi Science are entitled: “How to Stop the Rise of the Machines” and “How to Defeat a Cyborg Army”.  The last episode and shoot for Sci-Fi Sciences’ season two was filmed recently in New York City. The Science Channel and Dr. Kaku set up a contest and competition where people could enter to win an invitation to take part in The Science Channel’s filming of Sci-Fi Science live in the studios, during the final episode.  Dr. Kaku says, “I invited lucky winners of our competition to the studio shoots of Sci-Fi Science, where I revealed my designs.” 

As part of the multi-year deal with The Science Channel, Dr. Kaku will also be hosting Science IQ, a show airing Sunday night from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Dr. Kaku brings his unique branded personality exclusively to The Science Channel — asking big questions like, “Why predict the future, when we can create it?”  Science IQ will be addressing subjects from string theory to the human brain as Dr. Kaku takes us all on a journey.