“Drew Brees’ on stage w/ ‘David Letterman’ w/ premiere SI Swim Suit issue (video)


Brees, who walked out on the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater to Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra playing “When the Saints Come Marching In,” got a look at the new edition of Sports Illustrated with a photo of him and his infant son, Baylen, celebrating the Super Bowl victory when Letterman held up a copy of the issue to show Brees and the audience.  Letterman said he was getting angrier and angrier because his team, the Indianapolis Colts, lost, but “then I saw that image of you and your son, and suddenly I just felt fine about everything because to me that coalesces, that crystallizes, that explains visually what really it is all about.  Congratulations for that moment right there, that’s fantastic.”  Letterman asked if Baylen had been to games before, and Brees joked, “He has – in fact, he’s undefeated.”

Video – Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, it’s Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees.

Letterman said, “And when we saw you on TV with your son, it looked like you were both sort of just looking around, enjoying the experience.  Is that what it was?”  Brees replied, “That’s exactly what it was – just trying to enjoy the moment.  And you know, I’d been dreaming of that for a long time, even before he was born.  Having the opportunity to win the Super Bowl and stand up on that during the trophy presentation and have him in my arms and just to be able to take it all in and I’m sitting here telling him the whole time just how much I love him and just telling him, ‘You know, little boy, you just don’t even know what you’re experiencing right now.’  Letterman remarked, “You know, that’s exactly what it looked like, and as everybody knows, in this situation, the game of football and the game of life is all different when he draws his first breath, isn’t it?”  Brees agreed, saying, “Absolutely, it really puts life in perspective.”

Letterman and Brees talked about the Saints 31-17 upset of the Colts, and how, early in the game, they were losing by 10 points.  Letterman asked Brees how tough it is not to dwell on that deficit, and  Brees said, “Well, a big focus for us going to the game was don’t ever look at the scoreboard.  Not only, you know, because it doesn’t matter how much we might be down because we can always come back, and certainly when you’re playing against a guy like Peyton Manning and that offense, it doesn’t matter how much you’re up, ‘cause they can come back as well.”  Letterman then joked, “Boy, I mean, don’t look at the scoreboard, I mean, you know, that sounds good, but you know, sooner or later, somebody’s going to tell you who won.”  Brees laughed and replied, “At some point.”

Letterman later said, “So this obviously changes how you play the game going forward, this changes how you feel, this changes how the city of New Orleans feels.  But here’s a great thing about New Orleans:  there’s going to be a party for your team whether you won or lost.  Isn’t that great?”  “That’s one of the things you love about New Orleans,” Brees replied, “we know how to throw a party, and doggone it, any excuse to do it, we’re gonna do it.  But I’m glad we won and so we can make it even better.”  Letterman went on to stress the importance of the win to the Crescent City, saying, “I mean, it’s a boost for any city that wins the Super Bowl, but maybe a boost that last a day, a week, 10 days, maybe even ‘til the next fall, but this, my God, this will mean a huge difference to this city for a long, long time.  What a part of history.  Congratulations, that’s just great.” Letterman ended the interview by going into the aisle of the Ed Sullivan Theater to catch a pass from Brees, who tossed to the host from the stage.  Brees’ entire interview can be seen tonight (11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. 
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