DTS ‘Connected Radio’ Coming Next Year … To What Auto Brand?


The DTS Connected Radio will be integrated into its first set of vehicles sold across the globe in 2020, thanks to a partnership between DTS and HD Radio parent Xperi Corporation and LG Electronics.

But, what “major global car brand” is still a closely guarded secret? And, will it involve the U.S. market?

The answer will come “at a later date,” as Xperi notes it will deliver to LG a platform that enables “an engaging in-car radio experience combining over-the-air radio with IP delivered content.”

Xperi’s GM of Automotive Jeff Jury said, “The DTS Connected Radio system will be the first global system to enable car makers to create a common radio experience across different analog and digital broadcast systems deployed regionally.”

LG Electronics has been a longtime partner with Xperi, and Jury says Xperi continues to build on its relationships with car makers and broadcasters “to create advanced radio solutions that deliver the best possible experience for people everywhere.”

Utilizing an IP connection installed in a vehicle, DTS Connected Radio delivers an analog and digital FM experience (DAB and HD Radio) by pairing broadcast programming with IP-delivered content. DTS Connected Radio aggregates metadata, such as on-air radio program and talent information, artist and song information, station contact information and more, directly from broadcasters around the world to deliver an enhanced in-vehicle radio experience.