DTV catching on


According to a new poll commissioned by the National Association of Broadcasters, three out of four DTV-ready households reports significant improvement in station reception, and a plurality are receiving a greater number of over-air channels. SmithGeiger LLC performed the survey between 3/26/09 and 4/8/09.

“Broadcasters are pleased to see that the vast majority of Americans who have made the switch to digital are experiencing both improved reception and increased channels,” said Jonathan Collegio, NAB vice president for digital television transition. “Antenna television viewers should upgrade and test their equipment early to learn about any reception or technical difficulties in their areas and whether a new antenna may be necessary.”

Here are the highlights:

* 75% of digital-ready households say they received better quality reception across all broadcast channels after upgrading to digital with a converter box.

* 47% of those with converter boxes saw a “major improvement” in their overall television reception.

* 54% of broadcast-only TV households are receiving more channels since purchasing a new digital TV set within the past 18 months.

* Only 8% of respondents said they were receiving fewer channels.

RBR/TVBR observation: Will there be problems 6/12/09? Yes. But they do not figure to be overwhelming, and society will not crumble. A couple intense weeks and we should get past the worst of it.