DTV to be celebrated next week


ION Media Networks will join members of the administration and Congress at the Rayburn House Office Building to celebrate the successful transition to DTV, as well as take a look at some new applications for the technology. ION is particularly interested in showing off its mobile service.

“DTV enables us to reach millions of more people with higher picture quality and more programming choices,” said Brandon Burgess, ION Media Networks Chairman and CEO. “Also, mobile television will allow viewers to access broadcaster’s content anytime, anywhere. The entertainment, educational, and business benefits of the nation’s switch to digital television are vast.”

Other items earning a place in the spotlight are:

* Stunning digital high-definition television (HDTV) experience;

* Simultaneous “multicasting” of new free television channels;

* Broadcast mobile digital TV of live, local and national programming;

*Cutting edge mobile DTV reception devices, including cell phones, netbooks and in-car displays.