Dynamic Ad Insertion, Cloud-Based Recording Options For Radio


Interested in enhancing digital monetization and recording capabilities in your radio station’s streaming workflows?

A Thursday webinar will offer an overview of GatesAir‘s new Intraplex contact closure to metadata feature, and learn how to configure it into a Intraplex unit using StreamGuys‘ SGrecast.

Use cases will be a highlight of the webinar, in which StreamGuys and GatesAir will share how contact closure use can improve digital monetization and recording.

Participants will learn about a new feature for converting contact closures into streaming metadata with GatesAir’s Intraplex Audio Codec. Then, a demonstration of how to pair the feature with StreamGuys for dynamic server-side ad-insertion and automated stream recording using SGrecast will be discussed.

SGrecast is the StreamGuys cloud-based platform for automatically recording, podcasting, and monetizing audio.

The webinar is designed for broadcasters who use contact closures and stream online, and for existing Intraplex users interested in monetization and automated content repurposing.

The event is 60 minutes in length and includes a question-and-answer session.