Earl Scheib launches new campaign


Earl Scheib Paint & Body has launched a new ad campaign highlighting Earl Scheib as the economically savvy choice for car painting and car repair and using humor to alleviate the stress associated with car accidents and car repairs.

Created by Earl Scheib’s AOR, Fishtank Brand Advertising of San Diego, the new campaign employs edgy comedy and a memorable tagline — “Scheib Happens” — to update the iconic slogan of years gone by.

The “Scheib Happens” tagline playfully runs through the integrated campaign including television and print — in both English and Spanish — in-store branding, collateral and digital, as well as street team outreach.

The first television ad features a woman entering a bar to meet friends. Instead, she is surprised to find her boyfriend flirting at the bar with another woman. The slogan, “Scheib Happens,” takes center stage when she takes to the parking lot and leaves her mark on his sports car. This ad is currently featured on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VoX72t32oM.

“Scheib Happens” strikes again in another ad where a young teenage boy dressed in a tuxedo anxiously waits for his prom date on the front porch of her house. After she opens the door, her smile quickly turns to a look of disgust when she sees his dented and discolored car in the background. She slams the front door and leaves him by himself. This “Scheib Happens” ad is also on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxsSNLpikU8.