El Paso TV settles in UHF band


News-Press & Gazette’s KVIA-TV El Paso had been trying to make a go of it on Channel 7 as part of the digital transition, but was having enough problems on the VHF location that it had been using Channel 17 as well. The FCC has just honored its uncontested request to make Channel 17 its permanent home.

NPG told the FCC that the move would “…serve the public interest by significantly improving the public’s digital signal reception from KVIA-TV, the ABC-TV affiliate in El Paso, a top-100 DMA.” NPG noted that it had invested in extensive testing and analysis and suggested that making the move would be in the public interest.

The FCC agreed and is amending the Post-Transition Table of DTV Allotments accordingly.

KVIA uses digital technology to offer four programming streams to the citizens of El Paso. Its primary affiliation is with ABC, and it also offers CW channel, a Stormtrack weather channel and an Azteca America channel.