Twin Emergency Alert Devices Get Upgrades


Digital Alert Systems and Monroe Electronics, known for their emergency communications products for video services providers, have upgraded the operating system for the Digital Alert Systems DASDEC-II and Monroe One-Net SE devices.

The Version 4.0 software upgrade brings “a complete OS upgrade and improved software-update management tools,” the co-owned brands note. The upgrade also includes¬† Triggered Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Polling, as well as support for the new Blue Alert (BLU) Emergency Alert System (EAS) code. Included in the OS upgrade is a cybersecurity update and numerous security patches.

“Our Version 4.0 software upgrade creates a more secure and solid foundation for continued development and assures customers can receive security patches and updates even more efficiently, which in turn protects the device and the overall network,” said VP/Business Development¬†Bill Robertson.

Version 4.0 marks the latest security features available in the DASDEC-II and One-Net SE devices and provides a new mechanism for more rapid security updates. A new login screen, for example, is designed to prevent hackers from finding devices that might have been carelessly attached to the internet with no firewall present.

Triggered CAP Polling, one of many additional compliance mandates and operational improvements that come with the upgrade, offers better message handling when messages come in from both EAS and CAP sources. Meanwhile, BLU alert code support is meant for states and emergency managers seeking to include this special code in their requirements.

The Version 4.0 software upgrade applies only to DASDEC-II and Monroe One-Net SE devices. Older products such as the DASDEC-I and original One-Net devices cannot be upgraded.