Emmis Interactive signs with iTunes


Emmis Interactive announced a licensing deal with the iTunes Store to market its custom Storefront technology to other radio station and media companies.

The Emmis Storefront technology, used exclusively to date by Emmis Communications radio stations, allows a station to build a storefront with a look and feel that is consistent with its over-the-air product. This enables listeners to easily find and purchase songs they are hearing on-air using their own Apple iTunes account.

 “Many stations’ web sites direct you to another web site to purchase music and require a users’ credit card information, making the buying experience very cumbersome,” Emmis Interactive co-president Rey Mena explained. “Our custom Storefront technology empowers a radio station to configure a station-branded storefront utilizing iTunes’ entire 6 million-song catalog. These storefronts allow listeners to shop from playlists of station artists as well as top picks recommended by on-air talent. It is a critical tool in building the relationship with listeners and offering them a richer user experience.”

Examples of the custom iTunes Storefront can be seen at www.power106.fm/itms/, www.wlup.com/ITMS/, www.1057thepoint.com/itms/ .

On April 28, Emmis Interactive announced plans to begin marketing its services to radio broadcasters and other local media companies.