Emmis Interactive to offer services outside the company


Emmis Interactive announced plans to begin marketing its services to radio broadcasters and other local media companies. To that end, Emmis announced the formation of Emmis Interactive, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Emmis Operating Company.  Created five years ago and now operating as a stand alone entity, Emmis Interactive has formed partnerships with several broadcast companies and publishers to help them reinvent their brands.

Formulated especially for the needs of local media, Emmis Interactive’s platform provides high-quality, engaging interactive experiences for advertisers and listeners. In its sixth year of operation, Emmis Radio’s interactive revenues already account for nearly 5% of domestic radio revenues and have delivered a compounded annual growth rate of 30% over the past three years.

Pittsburgh-based Renda Broadcasting, owner of 25 radio stations in eight medium to small markets, has a contract with EI to set up their entire interactive operations, including consulting on the organizational setup; designing the web sites and providing the technology to power the sites; and training and developing the entire Renda sales and station management team.