Employment plans still lurching along


We are not seeing another major rash of job cuts, according to a new survey from CareerBuilders – but neither is there any great groundswell of hiring. In general, there will be hiring, but Q4 2011 will continue a gentle slide in the number of firms hiring permanent employees.

According to the survey, 21% of the 2,600 hiring and human resource professionals surveyed planned to add staff this quarter. That is down from 26% that hired during Q3, but equal to results of Q4 2010. Harris Interactive provided the research for CareerBuilder.

Q3 2011 also represented a slide, however, down from 29% in Q2 2011. Rising prices, skittish stock traders and troubles in Europe were all cited as reasons for holding the line on staff-building.

While not cause to start popping corks, the news was treated by CB as a mild positive. “While hiring is historically slower in the fourth quarter, recent world events and a structurally impaired U.S. economy are causing employers to be a little more guarded,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder.  “Job creation levels are not yet high enough to drive down the unemployment rate, but the hiring trends we’ve seen through our surveys and on our job site still indicate an overall positive sentiment among employers.  For eight consecutive quarters, 20 percent or more of employers reported adding new jobs and the same is expected for Q4.” 

Temporary employees have been resorted to in times of need, according to the report. 32% went that route in Q3, and another 27% expect to do the same in Q4. The good news is that 17% will likely transition temps into full-timers down the road.