Enhanced Visibility for Broadcast Engineers: A New Monitoring Solution Is Here


Telestream, known for its workflow automation, media processing, quality monitoring and test and measurement products for the production and distribution of video, has brought to market the latest version of its IP video monitoring solution for ST 2110 media networks.

Inspect 2110 is the offering, and is designed to ensure reliability within hybrid SDI-over-IP and ST 2110 deployments by using a “monitoring by exception” approach to proactively notify engineers of any quality issues within facilities and across networks.

The latest version features a 180Gbps bandwidth-capable platform.

Additionally, Inspect 2110 is now configurable based on bandwidth monitoring needs and offers options that Telestream says allows it to be tailored to specific applications in contribution monitoring, multiple-studio monitoring, and live and production applications for monitoring multiple vehicles from a single location.

New features include a high-performance platform, an audio and video remote viewer, automatic detection of frozen and black frames, and compliance measurements for loudness (CALM)

“As live remote production becomes increasingly widespread, and ST 2110 multiplies the number of essences we must monitor and diagnose, the Inspect 2110 probe enables a wide array of media essence characteristics to be automatically monitored, with no human intervention required until a problem has been identified,” says Agostino Canepa, Product Manager for Inspect 2110. “Automated, unmanned, 24/7 monitoring of any size ST 2110 / ST 2022-6 network is the best way to maximize the productivity of highly skilled engineering resources because it lets them focus on fixing problems instead of searching for them.”

Within Inspect 2110, users can click on the “View in PRISM” button to redirect an anomalous IP stream to a chosen PRISM media analysis instrument, where an engineer can see and analyze the problem in depth. “These deep dive diagnostics provide one-click access to fine-grained debugging of the video, audio, and ancillary streams as well as, crucially, the PTP timing,” Telestream says.

Canepa adds, “Traditional A/V monitoring systems, like multiviewers, focus on humans visually verifiying the correctness and integrity of the content one stream at a time, 24/7. Often more than one of these traditional products is needed to monitor the many key signals of a ST 2110 network, such as PTP, Network QoS, Video QoE, and Essence correctness. Inspect 2110 offers all of these capabilities in one product. Automated monitoring speeds up issue resolution while simultaneously freeing up highly skilled technical personnel to work on more critical tasks. You can’t do that with a multiviewer, and when combined with Teletream’s PRISM waveform monitors, you can’t do that with anything else.”

Inspect 2110 will also monitor PTP behavior such as verifying PTP timing signal accuracy, validate that proper video and audio signals are being carried in each stream, confirm that redundant streams are identical and in sync, and identify any stream that is out of compliance with applicable standards.


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