ESPN plans to launch, a site devoted to the Chicago sports scene. The site, scheduled to launch in April, will feature a daily Chicago version of “Sportscenter,” ESPN’s signature sports news show, and contributions from ESPN columnists and radio personalities with ties to the city. The radio station site will now be found within the site.

Mark Horine, ESPN VP/Digital Media, tells RBR/TVBR this is a beta test site, with no immediate plans for other cities any time soon. "The goal here is to focus on the Chicago product, build it from the ground up, make sure it’s humming and delivering on the promise of super-serving the Chicago sports fan before we roll it out to other markets."

Horine says the site will experience the power of the ESPN 1000 radio station driving folks to the site every day, combined with’s breadth of coverage and content. If this is a success, other cities will be rolled out later this year and next.