Estrella Media Says Yes to a Nielsen Renewal


BURBANK, CALIF. — The Hispanic-targeted multimedia company led by CEO Peter Markham that recently welcomed veteran Spanish-language sales leader Steve Mandala as Chief Revenue and Local Media Officer has inked a multi-year renewal agreement for local television measurement from Nielsen.

Signing the renewal is Estrella Media, known for its original programming targeting Spanish-speaking audiences. While Estrella Media owns radio stations, this agreement is for its TV stations only. Estrella properties are in its home DMA of Los Angeles, and in Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, and San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose.

Estrella will have access to Nielsen’s Local TV View (NLTV) and Nielsen’s Arianna services across these markets. Arianna is an analysis tool that offers program performance reports on an overnight basis, in addition to trending programs and time periods in their markets. “With NLTV, Estrella will have the capability to analyze household and persons-level data in custom geographies that align with an advertiser’s customer base using a wide range of demographic analysis,” Nielsen says.

Estrella also gains access to Nielsen’s sales activation program. Mandala commented, “Estrella, like every media company, seeks full measurement of our audiences, and we are pleased to continue working with Nielsen to ensure every user, viewer, and listener is fully counted. As our audience continues to grow, it is valuable for us to access the full suite of Nielsen’s measurement tools. While important to all broadcasters, it is especially relevant to Spanish language stations as over-the-air penetration among Hispanic households often doubles that of the general market.”


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