Everett broadcaster wins appeal on AM towers


The Snohomish County, WA Council has reversed a ruling that halted construction of two AM radio towers south of Snohomish, reports The Seattle Times. The council voted 3 to 2 Tuesday in favor of an appeal brought by S-R Broadcasting Inc. of Everett. The company owns KRKO-AM 1380 and wants to open a new 50,000-watt station at 1520 kHz.

In October, a hearing examiner ordered that work be halted, citing studies indicating there could be a health risk to nearby residents. Council member Dave Gossett says there’s not enough evidence to support that finding.

The two proposed towers are identical to three that were built on the site in July, along with a 349-foot-tall radio antenna, after more than a decade of litigation, hearings and appeals. Council members say they expect another appeal.