Ex-employee files petition to deny on WFYL-AM


WFYLFrom RadioDiscussions.com member Still_Rockin’: A Petition to Deny the license renewal of WFYL-AM Chester Springs, PA has been filed by an ex-employee. The station operates at 1180 AM from the grounds of the Jeffersonville Golf Course located in suburban Philadelphia (King of Prussia, PA). The 1-kW News-Talk “Freedom Station” has been licensed to Trinity Associates Broadcasting of Chester Springs since November 1, 2012. WFYL’s license is scheduled to expire 8/1.

In the filing, the former employee sights his first-hand knowledge working at WFYL from the time Trinity bought the station from Langer Broadcasting until his voluntary resignation on 5/29/13. The filing outlines possible violations of FCC rules and regulations, absentee ownership, licensee lack of broadcasting experience/knowledge, monetary issues and failure to serve the community where it is licensed.

According to records, WFYL, a Fox News affiliate, dedicates 95 hours a week or 91% of its total programming to piped in national talk shows such as Laura Ingraham (Washington, DC), Dana Loesch (Dallas), Phil Valentine (Nashville) and Roger Hedgecock (San Francisco). WFYL’s solo locally produced morning program, “Its a New Day” covers less than 10 hours per week of broadcast time and is a mixture of politics, history and conservative conversation.

WFYL is classified as a Christian, family oriented talk radio station. On its website, the station proclaims: “Working for your liberty and all things that matter: Traditional Values, Truth, Honesty, Integrity and Justice in the Land”.

It is outlined in the filing that “WFYL is a computer in a closet” that has “no local news department, no local sports department and /or no community affairs director” The petition claims “During this past brutal winter, because it has no local resources, WFYL did not cover any local news, school closings, emergency announcements, weather, traffic and road conditions. These are WFYL’S core responsibilities to its licensed broadcast area” according to the petitioner.

As mandated by law, the FCC is being asked to hold a local hearing to discuss many critical issues at WFYL including the deposition of the station license should WFYL Managing Partner, Alan Loch,70, becomes unable to continue as owner. It is assumed that Loch’s son, Brian would gain control of the station in his father’s absence and its broadcast license valid until the year 2021 if renewed by the FCC.

Brian Loch, 28, has an arrest record dating back to 2006. Currently he is being represented by well known criminal defense attorney A. Charles Peruto, Jr and is scheduled for sentencing in the Common Pleas Court in Philadelphia before Judge Sierra Thomas Street on August 21th. He has been charged with manufacture, delivery or possession of a controlled substance, use and possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, terrorist threats, harassment, stalking, simple assault, aggravated assault, DUI, driving on the sidewalk and driving with a suspended license. Loch has remained free for two years on 10% of $5,000 bail.

The petition claims “that the licensee of WFYL does not have the qualifications, background, character and business knowledge to operate a radio station in the public interest mandate all broadcasters are expected to meet”.

The FCC is being asked that the license renewal of WFYL be withheld until the outcome of a hearing.


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