Family Radio to pull Harold Camping's show


Harold Camping, the Doomsday evangelist who predicted that the world would end on 5/21, will no longer be heard on Family Radio after the end of June.  His “Open Forum” weekly show will be replaced with new programming after rebroadcasting the last show he recorded before suffering a stroke on 6/9. In fact, Family Radio began playing repeats of Open Forum after Camping’s stroke.

On 6/20, staff again started airing 20 segments recorded by Camping from 5/23 — two days after he predicted Judgment Day would arrive.

Camping is still in the hospital and continues to recover from the stroke. From the Family Radio website: “Special Announcement 6/21/11. Mr. Camping has been moved to a Skilled Nursing Facility, where he is undergoing rehabilitation to regain his strength. Mr. and Mrs. Camping greatly appreciate all the cards, letters and flowers they have received, as well as your continuing thoughts and prayers. God has been very merciful.”

The 70-station network, registered as a nonprofit with Camping as president, is worth some $72 million, according to Fortune Magazine. While some reports say Camping took no salary in 2009 but loaned himself $175.5 million, he actually did not borrow $175.5 million from Family Radio. He loaned $175,516 to Family Radio. Wrong amount and wrong direction. Camping, an 89-year-old retired engineer, draws no salary from the organization as its President.