Fast food chains pushing AM soda


Sometimes businesses go out of their way to take the high road when it comes to matters of nutrition. But a new report notes that even as large servings of soda are taking heat, three chains are trying to sell more of them during mornings.

The report comes from USA Today.

Although many of us are used to coffee, tea, juice and milk for our wake-up meal, there are functioning soda machines in the fast food restaurants that serve breakfast, and at least one observer pointed out that the margins for soda are much better than they are for coffee, to take one example.

The chains are Steak ‘n’ Shake, Taco Bell and Sonic.

In the case of Taco Bell, it is said to be experimenting with a mixture of high-caffeine Mountain Dew and high-vitamin C breakfast standby orange juice. The test is taking place only in parts of California.

Sonic is offering a soda deal in some locations.

The Steak ‘n’ Shake deal is the one that would likely raise the hair on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s neck – it is offering a free breakfast taco to anybody who buys a 28 ounce soda – a size nearly double the limit the mayor is proposing.

RBR-TVBR observation: This is the kind of thing that will be advertised and get the watchdogs growling. The fact is that advertising speech is not as free as regular old citizen speech, so there is always the possibility that the right combination of legislators, adminstrators and regulators will finally get together and do something about it. Just ask tobacco marketers.