FCC approves Springfield double deal


The sale of ABC KSPR-TV Springfield MO is a double deal in two ways. One, it'll pair the station at arm's length with NBC KYTV-TV. KYTV parent Schurz Communications is paying physical 10.6M+ for certain of the station's physical assets, and Perkin Media is paying 10M for the station's license. Perkin will then enter into several operating agreements with Schurz, including a shared service agreement, an advertising representation agreement and, in the event the local television caps are ever liberalized, a purchase option agreement.

Two local competitors, EBC Harrison (KWBM-TV) and Koplar Communications (KRBK-TV) objected, calling Perkin a "straw man" and the deal a sham designed to get around current ownership caps. Koplar admitted that Perkin will employ four full-timers, however, and as long as it maintains its active control over KSPR, the FCC reaffirmed that there is nothing whatsoever illegal about any of the agreements between Perkin and Schurz (they are basically variations of what many call an LMA or local market agreement). Since there is no evidence that Schurz has de facto control of the station, the dual purchase, with Perkin getting the license was approved, and the petitions to deny were dismissed.