FCC: California Here We Come


GavelThe reason: To pitch participation in the spectrum auction to television broadcasters in the states three largest media markets.

The FCC stated, “As a part of the Commission’s ongoing outreach effort to broadcasters regarding the upcoming incentive auction of television broadcast spectrum, the Incentive Auction Task Force will conduct information sessions in cities around the country between February and May to provide broadcasters with the opportunity to learn more about the auction and repacking process.  The broadcaster information sessions follow the release of the updated information package, ‘Incentive Auction Opportunities for Broadcasters,’ prepared for the Commission by the investment banking firm Greenhill & Co.

The dates and locations are:
March 2, 2015:  San Francisco, CA
March 3-4, 2015:  Los Angeles, CA
March 5, 2015:  San Diego, CA

The FCC stated that the sessions will be educational and informational and as such open only to broadcasters and their representatives.

Further, participants will not be required to file an ex parte report on the event, unless they make a presentation to the FCC on the merits of the auction. And if that happens, although they will be required to file an ex parte report, they will be able to do so anonymously.