FCC: Cap noncom FM stick applications?


The FCC says a number of interested parties think there should be a limit to how many CPs one entity tries for in the upcoming window for proposed new NCE FM stations. The goal is to gum up the works wading through potential "speculative filings," which could cause "extraordinary procedural delays." It's thinking of placing the cap at ten and wants your comments.

The cap would be keyed to individuals with an attributable interest in any licensee – the proposed rule reads, "A party to an application filed in the NCE FM filing window may hold attributable interests in no more than a total of ten applications filed in the window."

If any more than ten are found, the FCC will accept the first ten, going by file date, and dismiss all others. The window for reserved band (88.1 MHz-91.9 MHz) CP proposals as well as major change applications is open from 10/12/07 through 10/19/07. In a related announcement, broadcasters in the adjacent non-reserved ban, from 92.1 MHz to 92.5 MHz, will be frozen out of major changes from 9/7/07 though close of the application window. The freeze, a standard operating procedure before any auction or CP filing window, affects all reserved band frequencies.