FCC demonstrates TV political interface


FCCThe FCC held a special demonstration of how its new public file political advertising interface would work, from both the television and the user side. The question is, will it go live on 8/2/12 as advertised?

The NAB tried and failed to get the FCC to put a stay on the requirement to start posting the information by that deadline, citing its likely victory in its court challenge of the requirement.

The FCC does not believe NAB will prevail in court, and denied the challenge. So the NAB is asking for a stay from the court that where the challenge was filed, the DC Circuit.

What the demonstration does signal, if nothing else, is that the FCC is prepared to act if the court does not order a stay (at least so it would appear). This is in contrast to the situation when it planned to put enhanced disclosure into effect, only to learn that the system it had set up to accommodate the requirement was almost impossible to use.

Those interested in seeing the FCC’s Media Bureau demonstration can access a video recording of the event here: