FCC doubles the punishment for North Miami FL pirate


A woman operating on 90.1 MHz without a license from a residence in North Miami FL was caught by FCC agents. Not only that, it was found that she had a prior offense on her record, and further found that she continued to operate after being notified to cease in the latest case. The FCC decided that combination of events was reason to double the standard fine for unauthorized operation to $20K.

The alleged miscreant is Nounoune Lubin.

The FCC issued a notice of unlicensed operation on 11/9/10 after investigation of complaints about an unauthorized operation on 90.1 MHz led them to her apartment on two separate occasions. She had been named on an NOUO back on 3/5/08 for an operation at a prior residence. Then the FCC traced a 90.1 signal back to her apartment again on 4/22/10 and 5/12/10.

Explaining its decision to double the fine, the FCC wrote, “We find Ms. Lubin’s misconduct particularly egregious because she operated an unlicensed radio station on several different occasions with full knowledge that such activity violated the Act and the Rules.  Thus, we find that an upward adjustment in the forfeiture amount is warranted.”