FCC DTV full court press


The Federal Communications Commission is giving every appearance of taking the DTV transition seriously. For starters, it has PSAs available on the topic – not only for television stations but for 11K radio and televison stations, with:15, :30 & :60-second version. Downloadable creative is available with a Ctrl/click at http://www.dtv.gov/video_audio.html.

Additionally, the FCC is planning to purchase billboard faces in 45 television markets, and already has done so in Philadelphia, Tampa, San Francisco and Seattle.

A special campaign is kicking off in official DTV test market Wilmington NC, based on the theme “First in Flight, First in Digital.” It will include tailor-made elements including both broadcast and billboards for the early 9/8/08 DTV deadline in effect for the coastal NC city.

Finally, the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee will take up the issue at its next meeting, scheduled for 6/27/08.

RBR/TVBR observation: Billboards? BILLBOARDS? What’s a billboard?