FCC hits Comcast and NBCU with a pop quiz


The FCC told Comcast and NBCU thank you very much for their submission of supplemental information regarding their proposed merger, reception of which is restarting the 180-day shot clock on review of the transaction. But the information provided seems to have created a burning thirst for more information.

Both companies have been asked to answer a few more questions. Well, more than a few – try 63 for Comcast and 59 for NBCU. The FCC wants organizational charts, the precise location of every cable system and broadcast station in which the companies have an interest, subscriber information, details of programming deals – the list goes on.

The FCC would like details on the situation where markets served by Comcast cable systems are also served by NBC broadcast stations.

It wants details from NBCU on its plans to divest both KWHY-TV Los Angeles and KXAS-TV Fort Worth.

The FCC wants this homework assignment turned in no later than 6/11/10.

RBR-TVBR observation: For parties interested in delaying this transaction, the request for additional information will be fuel to drive a push for new comment, reply and reply to reply dates, which at this point stretch to early August.